Business Solutions

Business savvy. Technically proficient.

Experienced enough to speak directly with your customers and technical enough to make just about anything sound good


We'll take your recorded podcast and transform it into a professional sounding production. No special equipment needed! Filler word removal, audio restoration, mixing and mastering are all included in our post-production packages.

Ad Production

From script development to VO sourcing and the final master, we'll take your radio or audio ad script and bring it to life. Whether you are an ad agency looking to take your client's radio ads to the next level or you are a small business owner looking to drive more traffic to your properties - we've got the unique combination of ad and audio engineering experience to nail your next project.

Rooted In The Business World

Pulling from our experience in the advertising, PR, and tech industries, we take a strategic approach to your audio production needs. You’ll quite literally feel that we are a part of your internal team.



About Us

Sonar House Studios was founded by ad agency & tech veteran Chris Flores. Originally founded as a mixing and mastering studio for rock bands has expanded to a premium audio production solution for the business world. Pulling from his experience as an ad agency account executive and operational leader in the tech space, Chris has created an audio solution for business world unlike any other. His unique combination of practical business experience and technical savvy allows clients to experience a more strategic and business focused approach when it comes to their audio needs.

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